Sunday, August 28, 2011

The time has come...

My good friends at the Reunion (bible study).

Hi everybody!
 I know you are probably wondering what became of Katt since school got out on July 9th, and I apologize for not having updated you earlier.  I had a great two weeks of a break in Mexico before I came back to Colorado to begin life in the States again.  I spent great time with the kids, families, missionaries, and friends just enjoying my last days in Mexico.
Last day of school with my students.
Saying goodbye to family.
 Again, I feel so blessed to have the friends that I made in Mexico who supported me, and friends that I continue to stay in contact with, and feel supported and loved by as I make this transition back to life in Colorado.  We had a big party the day before I left in which my good friend Ramiro organized a pool party for me and had all our friends from our bible study come out and swim and eat and talk about memories.  It was a blessing to get to thank Tex and Marissa, remember, and just share my appreciation and thankfulness for my Mexican family.  They told me a lot of very encouraging things too as I took those first steps forward.  They let me know that the time and effort I put into my job and the students at the school was admirable, and that I had made an impact not just in the lives of the kids, but also in their lives.

 Luckily, they made a great impact in mine as well, as they encouraged me and offered advice and love not only in those last days but throughout my time in Mexico.  Have I mentioned I'm thankful for them?  I'm grateful also for  the experience I had with the kids and at the school.  I'm not sure of how many times I've written this in my blog, or told this to teams...or at churches.  But we feel like the seeds that were planted for so long at Nava school are finally producing fruit.  The school is flourishing, and so are the kids.  I really feel like they know they are loved in that school, content, and I have seen as my students became more fulfilled and more like kids as they learned and grew at school.  I continue to pray for this, and ask that you will too.  The school has a lot of growth to do, but no lack of support.  I pray that it becomes a shining place for that community as God shows Himself there.  I hope to continue to support them as they move forward even from Colorado.
Mini Pinata, last day of school.
 That being said, I want to thank you for your support of me, and how you have been present and praying for me, even without my knowledge for the past year.  I have had the most amazing experience, learning Spanish, learning how to teach, and becoming Mexican, and I'm glad to move on after having this experience and taking it into real life.
I want to update you now on where my life is in Colorado, and my plans.  So stay tuned and ask any questions you would like to!

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