Friday, April 15, 2011

Semana Santa (Spring Break!?!?!)

Ok everybody,
 So I realize that it has been like three weeks since I last updated you, and my explanation for this is both due to being really, really tired, and really really busy.
Yeah... We're that excited about it.
 I think since I last left you Mary Beth Cauthen came for a visit, and was a great help in the classroom.  She and Roy ( the head of the ministry) both helped me catch a glimpse of letting go and allowing myself to rest.  For those of you who know me well, he all but had to slap me in the face, but took my hand and led me through an oath in which I swore I wouldn't do anything that night.  Haha!  Man I needed it though, and I'm grateful for that support and wisdom.
  Speaking of breaks, today was our last day of school before a two week hiatus for Spring Break.  You guys, I'm not sure I've ever needed a break more, and I'm very excited to spend some time in Colorado recuperating in beautiful Colorado with family, friends, below 90 degree weather, and of course mountains!
 The last few weeks otherwise have been pretty normal. We have been blessed with groups, time between groups and obvious blessings at school.  I want to tell you about some of them, and then you can enjoy another picture summary of the next few weeks.  Feel free to comment if you want more information than just pictures ( you can also comment on Facebook if you don't want to subscribe to the blog).

Recent Realizations

 A few weeks ago when Mary Beth came to Piedras to help out at the school, I was reminded of what changes have gone on in my classroom in the last year and what a blessing it has been to be a part of them.  We talked with groups in those weeks about that scripture where Paul talks about some people planting seeds and others coming along and watering them, and others pruning them etc.  As Tex read over and talked about these verses he brought up the school as one of these scenarios (of course that would be expected).  But what he pointed out, what I realized and what I think is very important for us to see at the school is that we are in a time of fruit being bared at the school.
 I think sometimes in my frustration and tiredness I talk to you a lot about needing patience and wisdom for my classroom and students.  Well, don't worry I'm not going to go back on those requests.  But I also need to tell you that what I see at the school daily, what Tex has seen, and what Zac and Kat are helping put into action is true renewal.  Someone described it as thriving, and I really think that is a great way to depict it.  I think the students really feel safe there,  they know are loved, and seem content.
 In my classroom alone, the students who at the beginning of the year were a huge handful (one which we expected to go on for the rest of the year) are those that now have taken the greatest responsibility for their actions and respond to instruction.  My students are slowly but surely learning to read, and they understand the concept of addition and subtraction.  Not to mention, they have all begun to get the hang of classroom procedures and behavior and sometimes surprise me when they do what is expected without being asked.  I think the biggest blessing is what I mentioned earlier, the whole school thriving.
 We still need prayer requests, but I need to remember to thank Jesus for the way that he has renewed the school.  I need to be more humble and thankful for this renewal daily.  Prayer requests to come.

Soccer, Pink Party, Flags, Church Family....

For Ramiro's 30th birthday we had a double Quincenera party, and everyone wore pink!

Gym the week that Mary Beth helped out was very eventful as you will see!

Sunset from Tex and Marissa's house (thanks MB).

Getting goofy with some kids :).

Every Monday we salute the flag.  A very cultural experience!

The children of one of the families that goes to church with us.

The Boys.

The Girls.

Girls from the Reunion at Ramiro's Pink Party!

Crazy relay races during gym...

Hey, I said crazy relay races ;)