Sunday, August 29, 2010

Teachers at the school

Hi everyone,
 So in the last week we have had an awesome week at the school, teaching the kids and getting our schedule together.  We found out though that we don't have very much money at the school, and the teachers aren't being payed.  Some of the teachers you see below can't pay for food or medicine for their families, so they need the money right away!  Zac and Katherine are going to try to get them sponsored, for 200 dollars a month you can support a teacher so that those who have no more than a pack of beans in their freezer can support their families.  Please let me know if you are interested.

This is Domitila, our daughter. She is working at the school every day taking care of Ashley, the two month old daughter of the director. She is also taking classes in the afternoons.
This is Myra and her mother Paulina. They are cooking all the meals for the school in their home.
This is Berenice. She is a student teacher from Piedras Negras. She travels every day to Nava to teach first grade.
This is Katt. She is a student teacher from Colorado. She is living here in Nava with us for the entire year. She is teaching first grade and English. She is also teaching English to adults from the community two nights a week.
This is Chris. He lives here with us in Nava permanently. He is taking over for me while I am gone. He is leading the devotions for the teachers, making sure there is food, transporting people and food, and running the after school programs. He is finishing his degree online.
This is Hilda. She has returned to the school as Director. She had to leave last year due to complications with her pregnancy. She works directly with the inspector, teachers and curriculum.
This is Ani. She is a student teacher from Piedras Negras. She travels to Nava every day to teach 5th grade and English.
This is Adriana and Cesar (and one of their daughters Suni). Adriana is from here in Nava and teaches 3rd grade. Cesar helps with maintenance and is our night watchmen, making rounds at the school 6 times a night.
This is Ramiro. He is our best friend and the "owner" of the school on paper. He is from Piedras Negras and travels every day. He is also handling the legal obligations of the school and teaching computer class.
This is Lupita. She is the administrative assistant and substitute teacher.
This is Sarai. She is a student teacher from Piedras Negras and she travels every day to teach 4th grade.
This is Rocio. She is from Allende and travels every day to Nava to teach 2nd grade. She is the only returning teacher from last year who stayed with no guarantee of pay until the teachers are sponsored.
This is Hayde. She leads Bible class and devotion for the kids everyday. She is from here in Nava and has one child at the school. She also serves as an assistant and substitute teacher.
This is Mario and Letty. He is our grounds keeper and maintenance man and everything else. Letty helps with the meals and serves as the custodian. Their family has stuck with the school through everything.
This is Isai. He recently graduated with a degree in music and once he is sponsored he will be moving to Nava to teach music, art and lead worship. He is a very talented musician from Piedras and is traveling every day right now.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bere and some students first few days of school.
Students in our classroom working on writing their letters.
This first week in Nava has been good, but definitely tiring. I teach the 1st grade class with another student teacher from Mexico named Bere. Right now we are working toward teaching the kids the alphabet, gym, some numbers, and just how the classroom will be run so that it will be much smoother and so they will learn what they need to. I started teaching English today to all of the classes, I just read a story and had them put it in order. I am still a little confused as of how to best teach English to elementary schoolers, but I have an idea of what is too easy for the older kids and what the younger kids are interested in. Please pray for my ability to really teach these kids and help prepare them for their future, and also to show them Jesus' love. It is all a learning process and I'm not sure how to best teach elementary schoolers especially in a different language, so please pray for that as well. Thanks guys, I'm learning a ton!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh, Mexico...I guess I've got to go now

Ok guys,
 Here goes.  I leave tomorrow at 11:45 for San Antonio and the Roland's will pick me up when my plane lands at 2:50.  I should be in Nava around 6 or so.  I'm a little nervous and very excited, please pray for my preparation for blessing the kids and working with the Mexican teacher as I travel.  On Monday school starts.  Here are some other prayer requests if you wouldn't mind keeping them in mind as I head out:

-My time and studies:  I will be working full time at the school and taking online courses to receive my teaching license.  Please pray that I can make the most of my time with the kids, my studies, and my peers as this experience is once in a lifetime.
-Safety:  Nava and Piedras are some of the safer areas of Mexico, but they still aren’t as safe as the U.S.  Please pray for wisdom for my peers and me as we travel and live in the city, and for protection from violence from the cartels or any other power that could be harmful to us.
-Pray that we can show the love of Jesus to the children and that they will come to know his love, grace, freedom, and hope.
-That we can help the children recognize their value and help them take ownership of their future.
-Also pray that as we share Jesus’ love with the kids that we will continue to learn and rest in His love, grace, freedom, and hope.  And that we will know that He is the one that does the work, we just have to rest in Him.
Love, Katt