Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Green Eyes for Luck.

Quick story:
 So a few months back the teachers from the school went to another school to observe a class on reading.  It was a good experience to see another school and learn how other Mexican teachers manage their classroom and give lessons.  Anyway, I was seated with the director of the district and three teachers from our school and we were very much enjoying watching students do tongue twisters and read out loud.  All of the sudden a student raised his hand, and when the teacher called on him, out of the blue he said: "Profe, I think they say that having green eyes is good luck right?"  The student had noticed me and my light skin, light hair, and light eyes (they are blue by the way) and couldn't hold in his interest.  So he announced this question out- loud.  It was kind of awkward, and a little bit funny, but it was definitely a special moment that I will remember forever.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Well, time sure does fly when you are having fun!

Hi friends and family,
 Well, looking at my last update I can say that a lot has changed.  Hace una semana....about a week ago school at Lazaro Cardenas, Nava School, let out for Vacaciones.  It was a great blessing to be a teacher in the last week, as I did my best just to enjoy the students.  Our last day of school was a party, and it was a great fun to be with the students and give them a fun day with pizza, candy, a pinata and games.  I hadn't done that before, but giving them that gift was definitely a blessing. 
I think all of you know I was ready for a break from planning and all the hard work, and now that it is over I'm doing my best to remember the students and what I've learned.  It is hard to put all of my thoughts together as I write now, because I know that my time in Mexico is short....But as I look back over the last year, I really do feel like I have done my best and it was a good year.  I'm grateful for everything I've learned and getting to know the students.  I want to continue to pray for them and remember them as I move on.
In the weeks that follow I will just be hanging out in Mexico...something I never really got to do before...visiting friends and saying goodbyes. 

I've already had a sleep over with the kids of a fellow teacher, and visit with the family of some of my students.  I'm really enjoying just hanging out and being with the families and my friends in the last few weeks.  I guess the goal is just to BE in Mexico.
I will also be working to move my mindset back to Colorado.  I'm looking for jobs, applying for my teaching license and beginning to think about how life will be when I get back.  I'm excited to teach and bring what I've learned to a classroom in the I'm praying for a teaching job in Colorado as well.  I'm excited to get back to A-town (Arvada, Colorado), and I'm hoping...and praying... that I can take Mexico with me.
 I just wanted to give a short update today...but more are to come...Pictures of our last party at school, and other events.  I'm also thinking about writing memories sporadically, so if you feel like checking in to hear some crazy stories...that would be awesome.
Love and thanks for your prayers,