Saturday, May 14, 2011

One fifteen Sunday Morning...time for some updates :)

Family and Friends,
 I apologize again for not updating sooner.  I visited home two weeks ago, and upon returning I had jobs and scholarships to apply for, school to finish, and begin updating my work sample which I will send into the state in order to petition for a teaching license....And apparently I'm still a teacher in Nava. 
Old Church in Piedras
 I don't mean to sound pessimistic, I'm still very grateful for my job, friends and my experience here.  I have had times of discouragement, which is the nature of the job and still working on College school work, and some days I have wanted to quit.  However, I'm reminded regularly that I don't really want to quit. 
 I have had many awesome opportunities these last two weeks.  We had a party for the students for Dia del Nino (kids day), and it was good just to get to hang out with the students and love on them in a non educational setting.  I went to visit with a teacher and her family last week, and spent four whole hours with her family, talking, eating and playing with her students.  We have become good friends, and I'm blessed to get to be a part of her family.  Even tonight I was able to spend time with my Piedras friends watching a movie.  I'm regularly reminded, too, of the friends I have here in the Gathering (our bible study) and in Tex and Marissa.

I don't want to overwhelm you with information, so I'll leave the rest for a later date.  Thanks again for your support, friendships, love, and prayers. 
I'll leave you with some prayer requests:
BIG NEWS: I have decided (it was very hard) to return to Colorado after this year and work as a teacher or teacher's aid.  I need prayer for provision in a job (Preferably one in which I can use my Spanish and experience from here).  I will also need prayers for when it comes time to leave, as it will be very difficult for me.
-School:  I finished school with a 4.0!  Thank God!  But I still have to submit all of my work from this year to the state by June 14th (first draft) and July (Second Draft) in order to be accepted for a teacher's certificate.  I also have to send in paperwork to Western for my student teaching experience and accountability with Zac my mentor.  I need prayer for perseverance, a positive additude, and balancing my time.

-Please pray that my joy would remain in my job.
-I also need prayer for BEING here in Mexico my last two months.  I don't want to miss out on the time I have less.
-Please pray for wisdom as we finish out the school year in teaching students the best.  Especially in Reading and Math.
-Prayer for students growth in education, in Christ and in knowing their value.
-Also, I could use prayer for my family at home, they are all going through some difficult times with losing jobs and surgeries etc.

Thanks again, I need your prayer and support, and thanks for sticking through it with me, even though I'm not always consistent.