Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who knew it could be so cold in Mexico?

Well hello again,
 This week has been pretty uneventful because school has been canceled due to below freezing weather.  We only had school on Tuesday this week.  Though Tuesday was a good day because I taught the students the concept of counting numbers past ten and I think it began to click for some of them.  I also learned some about classroom management, a prayer request being answered :).
 In any case, I'm ready for school to start again and I have some prayer requests:  the first is that it be warm, because our students have already missed like two weeks of school, and they were already behind to begin with.  The second is that next Wednesday we will give the students the state bimester tests (a test given two times a semester).  Obviously my students are not ready due to the fact that we have missed two weeks of school, and I would just ask that you would pray that we could prepare them the best we can before the test comes. 
 I could also use prayer for wisdom in what and how I teach my students. Because they are so behind I need wisdom in how to teach them and what to teach them so that they get the most out of school.  Thanks for your prayer.  Could you also pray that I can instill a love or desire to continue in school in the students...
Ok I think that is all!

Friday, February 4, 2011

13 crazy Mexican kids!?

  Aside from the crazy cold, things are still going well.  I'm really grateful that I'm learning how to balance my time.  As I said earlier, I have time to rest and be with God, I have time to work on planning for Nava school, and I have time to get my own homework done.  More importantly I have time to BE with my Mexican friends and family.  I really want to be present here and so far it is working out.  I ask for your prayers that I can continue balance my time this way.
  As you all know, I really LOVE my job.  But lately it has been hard.  All of the sudden my class is crazy.  The students really struggle with paying attention and staying in their seats.  I plan a lot for classes and I really feel like what I have prepared will help them a lot, but when they are so crazy it is too chaotic for them to learn anything. 
I ask for your prayers that I could help them to pay more attention.  I think what we need to do is have more procedures and expectations that the students get used to and thus take responsibility for their actions.  With these procedures hopefully they will feel like they have more structure and can be more calm and pay more attention.  Please pray for wisdom that we can find appropriate expectations and procedures and that they will help.  Thank you!?!

Oh to be a Mexican

Oh my goodness!  I keep thinking what a crazy experience it is to be in Mexico!  Do you guys know why the cold is so cold in Mexico?  Because when it is cold outside, it is cold inside... it has been in the 20's the last few days. You guys, it even snowed in Allende a town about 30 minutes outside of Nava. School has been canceled, and we are sitting inside the house freezing!!
Dinner Enchiladas verdes: Notice that we all have coats on. :) 
 I'm at my good friend Ramiro's house, because Tex and Marissa had to go to Georgia for a few weeks.  They don't have heat or good insulation, because the houses here aren't built for the cold.    So I'm wearing two pairs of pants, three shirts, socks and slippers and I keep mistyping because my hands are so cold and soon I won't be able to feel my toes.  But it is ok, cuz I feel like I'm really experiencing Mexican life and it is kinda fun!  Plus it is supposed to be warm again tomorrow...I probably couldn't handle this for too long.
 Anyway, so I have been blessed to be able to stay at Ramiro's house with him and his mom, it has been a blessing just to hang out with them.  We also got to spend time with some of Ramiro's family and some friends Julio, Cesar, Samuel and Julie.  Again, it is great to be with these friends and experience life as a Mexican.  Ok, I gotta take a break and get some blood flowing...