Saturday, October 8, 2011

So this is where Katt ended up.... (AKA Newsletter coming soon!!)

Hey everybody.
 So quick update, I no longer am in Mexico, as most of you know.  I'm working here in Arvada, Colorado as a Teacher's Assistant in a school with a high population of English as a Second Language students, and also very poor students.  I love my job, though it is different to no longer be the classroom teacher, I'm learning a ton!!!  And I am blessed to work with a pre-kindergarten teacher who really knows her stuff.  So God has definitely provided a great opportunity for me here.
Flowers in my mom's garden...yeah, it's good to be back.
 I just moved out of my parents house into a house with three other girls, one of which is my little sister, Alli Lovejoy.  (Who, by the way, just got engaged two weeks ago WOOHOO!).  I am enjoying being on my own again, and working hard at my job and trying to get other important life things done as well...  Also a good learning experience :).
 Anyway, I need to let you all know that I am working on a final update from Mexico, kind of an end of the year thing. because I want you all to know what God did there and how I so feel used and blessed to have been a Mexican for a year of my life.  To those Mexicans out there who are reading this...I'm so going back to visit..A LOT.
 I hope you all are well, and blessed in this season.  I'm glad to rest in Jesus acceptance as I move forward in this new stage of life.

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