Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colorado Rocky Mountian High, Seen it rain and fire in the sky....

You guys, so the month that I have been in Colorado has been CRAZY, in a good way...  A week after I returned from Mexico I had found a job.  The only place that replied to me offered me a job as a TA in a Charter school in North East Denver.
Time spent in Gunnison shortly after returning from Mexico.
  I now work as a Teacher's Assistant in a school that is 75 percent English Language Learners (mostly Spanish speakers), and 95 percent free and reduced lunch (meaning that students cannot pay for lunch as a family but the school/district must provide them with food).  I really feel like this was God working, because this is the kind of environment I was most interested in and passionate about working in, and one with a culture close to Mexico.  That being said I fit in well, and I'm excited to begin my career in Denver Public Schools.  By next year I hope to be a first grade or Kindergarten teacher, but right now I'm enjoying a little less responsibility and continuing to learn.
Time spent in Gunnison
 I have also changed schools.  By next week I will be a student at University of Colorado Boulder, seeking a master's degree in English as a Second Language.  This not only fits my desires for later in life, but I also get 1/3-2/3 of my schooling paid for by the school that I work at, and by the University of Colorado.  I'm unsure about another several years of school...but we'll see.
 Other than that I'm searching for a church home here in Arvada (a suburb of Denver) and a real home as well (right now I'm staying with my parents).
 It feels good to be in Colorado.  No doubt I miss Mexico, the friends and family and students and school, but I feel like it is time for me to be here and begin to get settled in a job and community for a while.  I'm not sure if my time in Mexico is over, but I do feel like I won't return for some time, because I need to be settled here and learn how to teach before I return for an extended period of time.  I will be visiting regularly, and I keep in contact with most from Mexico.I ask for your prayers as I find a church community and a good group I can be real and grow with, also in my job, finding a house, and in finding a balance through a busy (apparently adult) schedule. 
Time spent in Gunnison
 As I move on, this blog will be a little different.  I'm not sure how I am going to use it, it may not be in use much anymore, or I may try to update people on Nava school and what is going on in Mexico.  In the meantime please check out the Hands and Feet website or email/facebook me.  I love you guys, and thanks for taking this adventure with me!  I'm sure your prayers have made my experience a safe and amazing one that I will never forget.
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