Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Son's still Shining in Mexico!

Hey everybody!
 For those of you who were wondering, I'm still alive and kicking!  Man, in the last month since I wrote to you it has repeatedly hit me over and over again how hard it is to be a teacher...Of course it is even harder to do it while going to school and trying to speak a different language. 
 Needless to say I've been pretty tired in the last few weeks. comes my excuse for not writing to you sooner :).... really, really , really busy trying to turn in my portfolio to the state of Colorado in order to be able to begin to apply for my teaching license. 
 But I turned it in Wednesday, and though I still have work to do (look for a job, and continue to teach until the first week of July) I have begun to feel a bit of accomplishment and moving forward.
 Anyway, let's get on to the good stuff... The biggest thing I want to tell you is that I have learned a lot in the last few weeks.  We received a new technical director about a month ago, and her input and observation has come to point out the fact that my students are very behind still.  This comes somewhat from the environment, the school system, but also has some to do with the teacher, and I have learned in the last few weeks areas in which I have lacked in instructing my students, and ways in which I can improve.
 It has been kind of rough to realize, but I've learned a lot (and from learning to snowboard) that you have to get back up when you fall, and in the last few weeks I have begun to use more assessment in my classroom, to guide instruction, and I have worked and focused really hard on being sure that my students as a whole are improving.  The cool thing is that they are in improving in reading and math: the two areas that are most important for them right now!  And I'm learning ways to really help them grow...and be a better teacher.
I’m grateful for everything that I have learned, and that this will make me a better teacher in the long run, and how I’m seeing my students improve…

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